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Odyssey Coffee Roasters Australia

LABYRINTH - Specialty Blend

LABYRINTH - Specialty Blend

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LABYRINTH is the single most balanced blend on our roster.
Perfectly balanced, smooth & sweet.
This blend is loved by coffee afficionados and cafes all across the country.

We've selected 2 South American specialty microlots which we've roasted individually to perfection and blended with equal ratios. The result is a velvetty smooth and delicate coffee that will have you continuously refilling your cup for another hit.
Being so sweet and versatile, this blend is perfect for milk based or black coffees!

Brazil - Natural
Colombia - Washed

Tasting Profile:
Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla

Recommended Espresso Guide:
Dose: 22g
Yield: 45g
Temp: 93 deg 


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