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COLOMBIA - Jardines Del Eden - Lulo Process

COLOMBIA - Jardines Del Eden - Lulo Process

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Roast Profile

The Arcilia family are considered by many to be the pioneers of Colombia's specialty coffee renaissance over the last decade. Their dedication to producing the finest coffees in Colombia as well as partnering with many more farms throughout Central and South America.

This limited release coffee showcases both great coffee and expert processing. This lot is processed and fermented using the Colombian Lulo fruit. The Lulo fruit is not readily available outside of Colombia. Which makes the tasting profile of this coffee even more exciting.
Offering a tasting profile of tropical fruit, lychee and mixed berry, this coffee is absolutely unlike any coffee we've ever tasted. If you're looking for your next wild and unique coffee experience............ This is the one you're looking for.

Origin: Colombia
Process: Lulo Fermentation

Recommended Espresso Guide
Dose: 23g
Yield: 45g
Temp: 90 deg

Recommended Filter/v60 Guide:
Dose: 20g
Yield: 290g
Temp: 93 deg

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