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ETHIOPIA - Guji Uraga - Wine Process

ETHIOPIA - Guji Uraga - Wine Process

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Ethiopia has long been regarded as one of the powerhouse coffee producers on the planet.
But with recent processing methods being developed, Ethiopia faced stiff competition from other growing regions from around, challenging for the bean supremacy.

Not to be outdone, Ethiopia have also developed their own processing plants and have further elevated their specialty coffee offerings.

This coffee is of the heirloom varietal, which boasts of deep, rich and complex tasting qualities. These qualities are further heightened and complimented by the Wine Process used to produce this unique lot.
The wine process (carbonic maceration) is a process modelled off the principles of wine production. Fermenting the coffee in drums with high CO2 content to further mutate/develop the properties of the coffee cherry. The result is a coffee that is in equal measure, fruity and boozy. Making for a perfect cold brew coffee or a unique and wild espresso.

Origin: Ethiopia - Guji Uraga
Process: Wine/Carbonic Maceration

Recommended Espresso Guide
Dose: 21.5g
Yield: 45g
Temp: 90 deg

Recommended Filter/v60 Guide:
Dose: 18g
Yield: 280g
Temp: 92 deg

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